10 Benefits Of Biking With Your Kids

10 Benefits Of Biking With Your Kids

It should go without saying that exercise is good for you. Cycling is exercising. Cycling with a trailer is even more of an exercise. If that is not enough reason to jump on the bike, then consider jumping on the bike with your kids. The benefits of cycling increase once you take into account the benefit for children and families.

While the benefits of cycling are countless, here are 10 to get you started.

1. Sleeping Benefits

Being outdoors is good since natural sunlight, and fresh air provides Vitamin D and aid in getting a good night's sleep. This alone could be reason enough to go cycling with your small child. Trading exercise for better sleep is just a win-win situation.

Good Nights Sleep

2. Educational Benefits

While your toddler might not be able to navigate your city on his or her own, being outside with you in a safe and familiar trailer will make him or her more comfortable with being outside in general. And you’ll be surprised how quickly your child will start recognizing your house and street.

3. Mental Benefits

Boost your positive mental attitude, and your child's. Being a parent is hard sometimes. Cycling can help you relieve stress and boost your mood. In fact, it will also boost your child's mood. Don't be surprised if, after a little cycling, you both return home to find the world to be a much better place.

Metal Cycling Benifits

4. Parenting Benefits

It is quite daunting to think that most anything you do with or around your child will shape them as a person. Cycling with them can start instilling in them an example of independence, health consciousness, respect for the environment and grit.

5. Quality Time Benefits

One of the best things about using a trailer is that you can take your small child with you, where otherwise you might leave them home. Protected from weather and securely tucked in, a trailer increases the age-range where you can happily have your child accompany you.

Bike Trailer Quality Time

6. Exploration Benefits

Rolling down the car-windows just isn’t the same. A trailer allows your child to be more involved in the journey, exposing them (safely) to the Great Big World. Every trip can be an adventure.

7. Weather Benefits

Imagine it’s a rainy afternoon and you’ve already run out of your 101-rainy day activities in the first 15 minutes. Everyone is going stir crazy. Have no fear: the trailer is here! A trailer will have your kid enjoy the rain without getting soaked. In fact, you’ll probably wish you were in the trailer yourself.

8. Financial Benefits

It’s free. Well, after the initial purchase of course. But consider that now you can travel around town, to the park, to the beach, and to grandparents' house for free.

Cycling Free

9. Family Benefits

While pulling a trailer might be a little to ask of grandma, cycling can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Why not plan a cycling afternoon as a family? Cycle together and use the extra space in your trailer for the pick nick basket.

10. Health Benefits

If any of the above reasons don't convince you, then do it for selfish reasons. Cycling with your kids can give you the health benefits of a gym membership for free!

Health Benifits of Cycling

Cycling increases your metabolic rate, and firms your thighs and bottom, as well as being able to help tighten your tummy muscles, which makes it a great endurance workout.

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