Aosom Elite II Bike Cargo: An Individual Review

Aosom Elite II Bike Cargo: An Individual Review

If you are planning on traveling via bike, you should consider using a trailer. As its name suggests, a bike trailer helps you transport a large number of goods by attaching it to your bike. The innovative and versatile Aosom Elite Bike Cargo can help you travel efficiently with your bicycle.

With over 176 lbs of support, the trailer has more stability than others in its segment. Keep reading to find out how this trailer can assist you during your camping trips, extended transportation routes, and improve your cardiovascular health when riding with it.

Review: Aosom Elite II Bike /Cargo

  • Quick release wheels
  • Solid Metal Bottom
  • Easily folds down for storage
  • play
    Removable and Washable Cover
  • play
    One Aosom bicycle hitch included

The Aosom Elite II Bike Cargo has a 54-inch storage space with the dimension rating of 31” x 24” x 14”. This gives you enough storage space to organize and hold all of your bike essentials. Buy it on Amazon at a price about $91.


This bike cargo doesn’t just provide you extensive room for cargo space, but also it protects your equipment from the elements. And, it locks your equipment up to prevent thieves from looking at or stealing your biking gear.

You’ll also like this bike cover because of its enhanced durability. The bike trailer has a solid steel base that holds up to 180lbs of cargo. Buy this bike trailer if you need added support and storage when traveling.

Users like this trailer because of its simple storage system. You can easily store the trailer by folding it down and storing wherever desired. Because of the fold-down feature, you can place the Aosom Elite II Bike Cargo inside a garage without taking too much space.

Aosom Elite II Bike Cargo / Luggage Trailer - Red / Black


Consumers also like using this device because of its bike connector. The bike connector comes included with the trailer and has quick release wheels for added mobility. And, it has a removable cover that you can easily wash with a small cloth.

This bike cargo is useful for carrying camping gear, sporting goods, groceries, or anything that you have to take when traveling via bike. Its removable cabin cover protects your goods by resisting outdoor ailments such as rain, snow, dust, etc.

Another feature bikers like about this product is its ease of towing. It stays maneuverable and can cut corners with ease. Also its Type A bicycle hitch can attach and release in seconds. The trailer fits almost any bike and allows bikers to tow their equipment easily.

Plus, this bike trailer is known to help users exercise. When attached to a bike, it helps users get a good cardio exercise within 35 minutes. Using this cargo will improve your stamina and overall health. On average, we suggest that you use the trailer at least 2-3 times a week to receive the most benefits.

And, the Aosom Elite II Bike Cargo allows users to have a smooth ride. It allows you to handle your bike naturally, even if you’re carrying heavy loads of equipment. Thus, making it a great choice if you want to carry your bike equipment without it falling out or weighing you down.


But, there are some things you might want to watch out for. Because of the added weight that it carries, it can be harder to accelerate or brake during hilly roads. Use this bike trailer on flat surfaces to ensure that you have a safer ride.

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Some users were confused by the instruction manual the trailer provides. They suggested that they gave clearer directions on attaching the snap rings onto the axle. To fix this, make sure you place the washers in tightly to prevent the keep the wheels secure.

While the enclosed cover offers a sufficient amount of protection, it’s not 100% waterproof. This is something you have to keep in mind when packing the gear inside of the trailer. Alternatively, you can place your sensitive items inside plastic bags inside the trailer. This is a great idea if you’re planning on traveling in the wilderness.


Mainly, the Aosom Elite II Bike Cargo is a perfect choice for backpackers, campers, and biking aficionados. It’s dependable, tough, and is ready to be used whenever you’re about to go. Buy this product if you want a bike trailer with terrific aerodynamics and a stable center of gravity.

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