Aosom Elite II Bike Trailer

Aosom Elite II Bike Trailer

Bike trailers have gained considerable popularity over the years. The convenience of not having to drive your car every time you need to travel with your kids trumps any hassle you face. With a bike trailer, you can conveniently take your kids along with you on your outdoor adventures, or even when you want to run simple errands.

The best part is that modern bike trailers feature a versatile design and can double up as a stroller, allowing you to take two young kids with you. No longer do you have to ask someone to babysit your kids while you run to the store.

Aosom Elite II 3in1 Double Child Bike Trailer Yellow WIth Kids

About The Product

Speaking of bike trailer strollers, the Aosom Elite II offers you the perfect combination. It has a flexible 3 in 1 design, adding to the convenience and comfort you enjoy. It works great as a trailer, stroller and even jogger, if you wish to use it for that purpose. Aosom is a well-known manufacturer of accessories for young kids and their quality is unmistakable. Here is a look at some notable features of this bike trailer stroller:

  • Flexible Front Tire: The front tire features a swivel that you can lock in place. This gives you the opportunity to use this bike trailer stroller on any terrain, allowing you to take your kids with you when you are heading outdoors, regardless of where you are going. You can use the swivel when you are using the product as a stroller and have to constantly change directions. When you want to use it as a bike trailer, you can conveniently remove the front wheel altogether.
  • Double Child Design: The product has a maximum weight capacity of 88 pounds and offers sufficient space for two kids. This works perfectly if you have twins or two small kids at home that you want to take with you whenever you leave the home.
  • 4 Color Choices: The bike trailer stroller is available in four distinct color choices. You can choose a color according to your preference or perhaps go with the color of your child’s nursery, whatever suits you best.
  • Full Suspension System: The all-terrain utility of this bike trailer is enhanced due to its full suspension system. The strong suspension ensures your kids are able to ride safely and comfortably in the trailer stroller and you can take it across any terrain without worrying about your little ones.
  • Brake System: There is a hand lock brake on the rear wheel. You can conveniently look the wheel in place when you park the trailer stroller. You don’t have to hassle over the risk of the trailer stroller moving around when you are not in control.


  • 4 color choices, enabling you to choose the one that suits your preferences
  • Easy to assemble and set up, with no tools required
  • Comfortable design and can be used conveniently on most terrains
  • 88-lb limit allows two small children to fit comfortably
  • Versatile front wheel allows you to use the Aosom Elite II for jogging, trailing, and strolling
Aosom Elite II 3in1 Double Child Bike Trailer Red With Kid

What Others Say

The Aosom Elite II has received an average rating of 4 stars out of 5 on Amazon based on over 200 reviews. This indicates that a majority of people who purchased this bike trailer stroller were pleased with its performance and left good reviews, but some people did not have a pleasant experience.

A customer referred to this product as one of the best purchases she has made. She stated that she has been using this bike trailer stroller for a long time now and has used it for over 700 miles with no drop in performance or quality. She states that she can conveniently make trips to the store without using gas.

A customer who gave this product a 4-star review not only praised it but also stated that the negative reviews it has received should not be trusted. The trailer stroller is handy, easy to use, and offers great value for its price. However, he did mention that the company should upgrade a few features and make some improvements to the design.

A customer wrote that she was looking for a bike trailer that works great as a stroller because she doesn’t have a bike and the Aosom Elite II fit the bill perfectly. She also mentions the rain shield is highly useful because it rains a lot in Oregon.

On the flipside, a few customers were not entirely pleased with the product. A customer stated that the design of the trailer stroller is poor and that it does not serve its purpose well. Another customer wrote that this product is perfect for punishing kids because it does not offer the level of comfort that parents desire for their young ones.

Buying Advice

This bike trailer stroller is available on Amazon in a range of colors. You can choose from Blue, Yellow, Red/Black, and White/Black. The prices vary from around $150 to around $160 depending on the color you select. The Red/Black model is the most economical. Shipping is free so you don’t have to worry about additional costs. If you want to economize your purchase, you can look for deals and discounts.

Aosom Elite II 3in1 Double Child Bike Trailer On Street

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To learn more about this bike trailer stroller and the other products Aosom manufactures, you can check out their official website.


Overall, the Aosom Elite II is a top of the line double-child bike trailer stroller. According to people who have purchased and used it, it is durable, offers safety and comfort for your kids, and is priced reasonably considering the features you get.

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