Finding The Best Bike Cargo Trailer For You

Finding The Best Bike Cargo Trailer For You

Today, North Americans live in a society where the primary normal mode of transportation has been automobiles. With awareness growing of the harmful environmental effects occurring from the over-usage of automobiles, bikes have become a popular, cost-efficient choice for getting from one place to another.

Still, after purchasing a good-quality bike, it is important to consider how you're going to transport other items with you during your travels. Upon this consideration, you might find that purchasing a bike cargo trailer is the best way to transport your things.

Riding Bike With Cargo Trailer

For this reason, you should know the differences between different bike cargo trailers as well as the must-have features of these devices before purchasing one. This is where we come in. After thorough research, we have put together a short informative guide of the best bike cargo trailers on the market today.

If you're interested in getting the best quality for your valuable dollar, then continue reading this guide on our top recommended bike cargo trailers.

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What To Pay Attention To When Buying A Road Bike

Before purchasing your bike cargo trailer, there are a few primary features that are important to pay attention to. The following bike cargo trailer characteristics are of particular concern, and should be examined at length when determining the best trailer for you:


If you already own a bike, then you know all the rage in the biking community lies within possessing the smallest and most efficient bikes. You can see the manifestation of this feature preferences in all of the newest high-tech carbon bikes being produced today.

Bike cargo trailers are no different. When purchasing a trailer for your bike, always be wary of how large the trailer is you're considering as well as the relationship between the size of it and your bike. Generally speaking, smaller is lighter, therefore better.

However, if you're known to be a massive packer, then you might want to think about getting a larger bike cargo trailer.

Stability On The Road

Another critical characteristic of bike cargo trailers to consider before purchasing one is how it carries its weight on the road. In other words, is its shape and size conducive to traveling at fast speeds? Surely, you don't want to purchase a trailer that wobbles behind you, as you try to commute from one location to the next quickly.

Man Driving Bike With Cargo Trailer

For this reason, you should accurately assess the trailers you're considering purchasing, and whether they will be a good fit for your bike and the way in which you ride your bike.

Ability To Fold

One of the last important features of a bike cargo trailer to consider before purchasing is the trailer's ability to fold. In the same way, you want to be able to ride your bike smoothly with a trailer full of items or even without a trailer; you want the same ease of transporting your trailer when empty.

Make sure to assess whether or not your bike cargo trailer can be folded, and to what extent can it be folded. This feature can potentially make your life much easier regarding storage.

Our Recommendations

Now that you're aware of the features you should be paying close attention to when assessing what bike cargo trailer is best for you, it is important that assured you're examining the best options. To do so, we have put together a quick, easy list of bike cargo trailers based on the important features listed as well as price. Here are our top picks:

Winner: Aosom Elite II Bike Cargo / Luggage Trailer - Red / Black

The Aosom Elite cargo trailer can be easily attached to almost any model of bicycle. Furthermore, it comes in a great size for carrying items such as groceries, gifts, and small bags. Some notable features:

  • A metal bottom specially designed to be sturdy
  • A foldable down and out easily, allowing for storage when needed
  • ​A cargo cover that can be removed and washed
  • ​Length of draw bar is 59."
  • Total Trailer Weight: 39lbs
  • Wheels that release quickly, making it very stable
  • One Aosom Type 'A' bicycle hitch/connector included
  • ​Is available in both black and red
  • ​Maximum loading weight: 176.4lbs
  • Size: 35"L x 33"W x 25"H

Moreover, the trailer possesses a cover that can be attached and remove whenever you like. So, if you’re out and about on the town running errands and don’t want your things to get damaged in the rain, then this is a great option to consider.

Aosom Elite II Bike Cargo / Luggage Trailer - Red / Black



Notably, this cargo trailer has one of the most durable frames out there. Its steel composition allows for it to hold up to 180lbs of content on its inside. Regarding strength, it doesn't get much better than this.

These trailers are known for their ability to last for periods of time averaging at five years and costs only roughly about $100. In short, not only one of the best options on the market but also one of the cheapest regarding bike cargo trailers.

Runner-Up: Aosom Wanderer Bicycle Bike Cargo / Luggage Trailer - Black/Black

Our runner-up coming in at a very close rating regarding positive features is the Aosom Wanderer Cargo Trailer. Similar to the trailer previously mentioned in this guide, this product comes in a size that is great for carrying items you might pick up while running errands. Some notable features:

  • A fortified steel bar next to the wheels, which make for excellent mobility
  • Is assembled quickly, and can into place for secure storing
  • ​Easily unloadable compartment for items
  • ​A steel frame that is easy to move
  • Quickly releasable wheels
  • Available in black
  • One Aosom type 'B' bicycle connection point so that no additional items are required to set up the trailer to a bicycle completely
  • Foldable on both the left side and right sides of the trailer
  • A sturdy PE bottom that has been specially fortified
  • Max loading: 110lbs
  • Wheel size:16"
  • Overall Size: Approx. 57" long x 27.6" wide x 19.2" high; Cargo Area Size: 27.25" long x 16.5" wide x 9.25" high
  • Four reflectable add-ons total both on back and wheels
  • ​Movable gates on the front and rear
  • ​A specially fortified steel drawbar
  • Trailer weight 22lbs

Though slightly smaller than the previous cargo trailer, this product has still proven to be quite the trooper. It can be attached to any bicycle model that you could think of, and still, it remains to be extremely durable. In fact, although over 10llbs lighter, can still carry up to 110 pounds of items in its base.

Aosom Wanderer Cargo Bike Trailer



The cargo trailer itself can fold down making it portable and is easy to assemble. In short, if you're looking for a bike cargo trailer that is light-weight but still relatively sturdy, then this product would be a good fit for you. Its suitable for lighter bikes, and easy to travel with. Being lighter, this product is a well spent approximately$130.

Alternative: Burley Travoy Bike Trailer

As an alternative to our top choice and runner-up, the Burley Travoy Bike Trailer comes in at a close third to no surprise. Some notable features:

  • Ability to customize with a full line of accessory bags for shopping or commuting
  • Attachable in mere seconds
  • ​12” black push-button wheels
  • ​21.8 x 18.8 x 8 inches; 13.2llbs
  • Can be shipped anywhere within U.S.
  • A much easier and stable way to travel than backpacking
  • A reliable solution for biking trips with multiple stops
  • ​One attachable hitch
  • ​Tie-Down Straps
  • 13.4 pounds

This bike cargo trailer possesses a hitch that can be connected to any bike with a seat post between 25-32 millimeters, making it a diverse contender. Consisting of a lower and bottom frame, this cargo trailer is folded from virtually any direction.

With just a quick twist of the hinge, you can fold up the bottom frame, and down the upper frame. Additionally, the wheels can be easily removed in the same manner. Furthermore, this bike cargo trailer comes with a black Travoy bag to store items in.

Burley Travoy Bike Trailer On White Background



In fact, you can detach this cargo trailer from your bike, and still use it along with the bag to walk the remaining distance to wherever you're traveling to.

It's suitable for carrying any every-day item including; gifts, clothes, groceries, etc. Impressively, the Travoy bag stores can store up to 60llbs, and it's 45-degree angle tilt makes it easy to ride with it attached. The bag itself comes in black or yellow and costs roughly around $250. At an incredible 13llbs, this cargo trailer packs a bang for its' buck.


If you're an individual who is never comfortable with being still for too long but is wary of growing environmental science issues, then biking is an excellent solution for you. However, if you are a bike or going to bike, you're going to need an efficient way to your items, or various other things you might purchase while on the go.

For these reasons, it's essential to have a reliable bike cargo trailer that is a suitable size, stable, and compact for travel. We've done all the hard work for you and thoroughly researched some of the best bike cargo trailers currently on the market. Now it is up to you to decide which trailer suits your needs the best.

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