Bike Trailer Vs. Bike Seat: A Comparison Bike Accessories

Bike Trailer Vs. Bike Seat: A Comparison Bike Accessories

When it comes to transporting your child with you on a bike, there are a few options at your disposal. The first option you have is the bike trailer, while the second option is the rear-mounted seat. While it is largely a matter of personal preference, there are some pros and cons to each of these choices that we will be going over.

Bike Trailer

A bike trailer is a child-sized trailer which hitches to the back of your bike. The bike trailer is a superior choice regarding safety, as it offers an enclosed environment from which your child can enjoy the ride in peace. In the event of an accident, the bike trailer will do a better job to keep your child sheltered.

Kid in a bike trailer.

The bike trailer’s enclosed nature also makes it better suited for snowy and rainy days, as your child will not be exposed to the weather. This also means that your child will be out of the wind, so they will not have to be bundled up to the same extent as they would on the rear-mounted bike seat.

There are relatively few disadvantages to a bike trailer. One of these disadvantages is that it alters the handling characteristics of your bike, as it increases the weight of your bike by a measurable amount.

This means that there may be a short period of acclimatization before you will feel comfortable riding your bike at the same level as you normally do after attaching your trailer.

Rear-Mounted Bike Seat

Bike seats for children are the more affordable option. Whereas a bike trailer uses more raw materials and requires more engineering in its design process, a child seat for a bike is a simple seat which can be attached to the rear of your bike. This makes it a better choice regarding price, but few other aspects.

As we already discussed, a child seat on your bike will leave your child exposed to the elements, so they may end up falling ill on particularly chilly fall days.

Bike seats are also less stable than trailers, as they are directly connected to the bike so that they will move in tune with the bike. This is opposed to bike trailers, which have two wheels, so they maintain stability well.

Kid in a rear-mounted bike seat.

Rear mounted bike seats may also have an issue being attached to particular types of bikes. A child seat can only be connected to a bike which has sufficient room on the back, and it may make it impossible to attach a mudguard at the same time as the seat. Bike trailers can be attached to most non-specialized bikes.


As you can see, bike trailers are a superior choice for parents who want to bring their young ones along on bike rides, for a variety of reasons. If you are trying to build a lifelong love of cycling in your child, there are few better options than a bike trailer.




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