Burley Travoy Bike Trailer: An Individual Review

Burley Travoy Bike Trailer: An Individual Review

A bike trailer allows you to carry heavy gear on long trips. Since the weight is on its wheels, the weight in the trailer is lighter than your bike. This extra length and weight will only slightly impact how your bike handles.

That’s why the Burley Travoy Bike is recommended for bikers, campers, and people who frequently commute to work. With the Burley Travoy Bike Trailer, it gives you the support and utility you need to take your good with you no matter the location.

Review: Burley Travoy Bike Trailer

  • Carries up to 60lbs
  • Attaches and Detaches within 3 Seconds
  • Small Collapsable System
  • play
    12” Black Push Button Wheels
  • play
    Better Stability than Standard Backpacks and Panniers

The Burley Travoy Bike Trailer is one of the best trailers available. It’s fun to use, has a myriad of functional features and has a load capacity of 60lbs. It’s currently sold on Amazon at a price around $201.


When we first unboxed the Travoy Bike Trailer, we were surprised about the weight and how easy the trailer can fold down for packing and storage. This allows users with limited space to store it in the closet for future usage.

The three best things about the Travoy is that it’s lightweight, multifunctional and its packability. It weighs half the size of a normal touring trailer making it a good choice for those who have to travel up hills and in off-road areas.

Users can transport goods within a 20-40lbs range without issue. Unlike other trailers that hitched on the rear triangle or the axle of the bike, the Travoy’s quick release system is attached to the seatpost. This means that you can ride securely without your equipment accidentally falling off your bike.

To fold up the trailer, twist the middle and upper hinges to unlock the frame cables. Remove the wheels by pressing on the push axles. Fold the bottom deck via releasing the bottom cable. The Travoy can fit the size of a brief case, making it a great trailer to have for traveling.

Trayvoy Bike Trailer

Some users like the Travoy Bike Trailer for its utility when collecting groceries. For instance, you can place the trailer inside the shopping cart, dual-use the device’s bag system, ring up your groceries and have everything needed once you leave. Then, you attach the trailer to your bike, and you’re ready to go.

Further, the bike is a great urban cargo system or commuter. The trailer’s upright position makes it easily viewable by other cyclists and cars. The dual bag allows you to go commute to work, or transport groceries with ease.

When tested, the Travoy Bike Trailer performs better than competing trailers. It’s small wheels tracked well, and the and the trailer never tipped over when turning through corners, even on rocky gravel hills. The wheels remained straight, and the tires showed no signs of wear.


There are a couple of issues, though. For instance, the trailer doesn’t have a safety leash. If it becomes detached from the bike, it can cause problems to upcoming traffic. And the hitch mounting is limited to the seat post (up to 31.6mm, however longer bolts can extend this).

Travoy Side View Review

Consumers were concerned about the trailer’s loose center. They reported that the trailer would become weak at the ball bearings, making it easy to fall off the bicycle if too much speed is applied. We suggest that you get a replacement if this problem occurs to you.

You’ll need about 48cm from the back of the rack to the seatpost, depending on the rack’s height. This can be an issue with bikes with long rear ends and makes users unable to use the Travoy and attach a child seat at the same time.

These defects aside, the Travoy is a great trailer that has little overhang behind you. And it has a mounting system that prevents the trailer from tipping over. And is able to works properly both off and on the bike.


To conclude, we believe that the Burley Travoy Bike Trailer is an essential tool for any commuter. Not only does it help users with is enhanced convenience, but it includes a tote bag and twist grips to help you store it once finished. Ultimately, buy this trailer if you want to utilize your commute and efficiently transport your biking equipment.

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