Protecting Your Bike Trailer From Theft

Protecting Your Bike Trailer From Theft

So, you've got your nifty bike trailer, and you and your kid love it. You want to keep it. Unfortunately, bike-theft is a rising problem all over the world, and the likelihood of any one cyclist having a least one bike stolen during their lifetime is high. A trailer is not a build-in get-away vehicle, but that doesn't mean it's impervious to theft.

While 100% theft-proof trailer use is impossible, there is an effective step you can take to secure your trailer from theft.

When To Lock?

Every time you are not using it. Even when you are "just popping into the store real quick." A poorly locked bike can be stolen in seconds.

If at all possible you should always store your bike and trailer indoors. It might be a hassle to carry your bike and trailer upstairs every day, but it’s more of a hassle to come downstairs in the morning and find you don’t have either.

Bike Lock

If you are storing your bike and trailer in your garage or shed, make sure to secure them. Don't assume these places are as safe from theft as your home.

What Locks To Use?

Obviously, you need a lock. Buy the best lock you can afford. In fact, buy several. Your best option is a combination of U-locks and reliable chains. You want to secure the frame of your bike and the wheels.

Then you need to handle the trailer as a separate vehicle. You need to lock the frame and its wheels. Make sure you have enough locks, and they are the best quality that you can afford. Consider the trailer its own vehicle and secure it independently, with its own locks.

How To Lock And Secure Your Trailer?

Lock every removable part. That includes the bike and trailer, but also the wheels, which is why you need several locks. Use the U-Locks to secure your bike and your trailer to an immovable object. Then use the chains or cables to secure both wheels of your bike and also all the wheels of your trailer.

Locking with Locks

If you can’t find a place to attach the U-lock to secure your trailer, consider running a chain underneath the trailer. Trailers usually have one or more support beams running underneath, wrap the chain around these.

If you’re going to use this method, look for ways to keep the cable attached to these beams during use. It will save you a lot of hassle when it comes time to locking and securing your trailer.

Where To Lock Your Trailer?

While the size, bright colors and warning flag of the trailer are a great asset to the safety of your cycling experience, this also makes your bike and trailer a big visible target for thieves. Make sure you park your bicycle in a well-lit and transited area. If you have to leave your bike and trailer outside at night, try parking it close to CCTV’s and in a continuously lit area.

Remove Everything From The Trailer

Remove all easily detachable parts. If your trailer has a handlebar (for use as a stroller), remove it and take it with you. Don’t leave anything in the trailer. The tragedy of losing a favorite stuffed animal is one you want to avoid at all costs.

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