A Guide To Trailer Cycles: Redefining The Bike Trailer

A Guide To Trailer Cycles: Redefining The Bike Trailer

Once you have tried your first bike trailer, it is hard to change the way you ride your bike with your children. There are few better ways to imbue a love of cycling in a child than with a bike trailer. These trailers allow you to get your children acquainted with cycling and bikes from a very young age.

What do you do, however, once your child outgrows their bike trailer? There comes the point where bike trailers will no longer be able to hold your young one. Of course, one of the options is to get your child their own bike, but that doesn't have quite the same experience as a bike trailer since you are separated from your child.

Trailer Cycle

The solution is another form of bike trailer, one which we will be looking at today. It is the trailer cycle, which we will now explain.

What Is A Trailer Cycle?

Think of the trailer cycle as a type of hybrid between a bike trailer and a tandem bike. If you are hoping to turn your bike into a tandem cycle, there are few better options. Since pure tandem bikes can get rather pricey and they are of limited usefulness on your own, some would argue that trailer cycles are a more convenient and logical alternative.

A trailer cycle is, in essence, a bike trailer. These bike trailers tend to be less similar to actual bike trailers than they are to a bicycle seat for a ride. Trailer cycles come included with a chain and pedals for the passenger to contribute their share of the work during the trip.

Trailer cycles can come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes. Some of them are simply seats on a frame with a wheel, which is connected to the pads through a relatively long chain. Other trailer cycles feature enclosures (much like traditional bike trailers) through which the pedals are positioned.

Who Are Trailer Cycles Made For?

Unlike bike trailers, which are mainly made for children who are too young to ride their own bikes, you will find that trailer cycles can be ridden by a wide range of riders. Some trailer cycles do not have an age limit, like most bike trailers, and they can be ridden by anyone within the weight limit.

Preparing For A Ride On Trailer Cycle

Trailer cycles are ideal for older children who are still not entirely comfortable riding their own bikes. Trailer cycles can even be used as a replacement for tandem bikes, as they can hold adults as well.

The main advantage to trailer cycles when compared to other bike trailers is that the rider may or may not contribute their pedaling, depending on their energy levels.


Whether you are looking for an affordable way to go tandem biking, or you would like to keep your child on a bike trailer for a little bit longer, the trailer cycle is the best option at your disposal.




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