Veelar Doggyhut Large Pet Bike Trailer Review

Veelar Doggyhut Large Pet Bike Trailer Review

Cycling is one of the most enjoyable physical activities that can be performed in the city. More and more urban areas are starting to embrace widespread cycling, and drivers are becoming more and more friendly to cyclists through sheer necessity.

Gone are the days when cycling down city streets is a dangerous undertaking reserved for the brave and foolish.

Now, cycling is a hugely popular activity that is practiced by a large number of people. One of the best parts about cycling is the number of accessories that are available for bikes for more specialized applications. One of these things is the bike trailer, which is exactly what it sounds like: a trailer that is made specifically for bikes.

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There are many different types of bike trailers that you can come across, and each of them has their specific uses. For example, the children's bike trailer is one of the more common ones. It features a passenger compartment which is often enclosed to protect from the elements.

This passenger compartment can often fit one or two children, usually up to the age of three or four years old. You will find that these bike trailers are an excellent way to get your children into cycling by starting them off at a young age.

Another option is the cargo bike trailer. These trailers have a purpose which is rather evident just by looking at the name. These bike trailers are made to expand the carrying capacity of your bike. This purpose makes them a more convenient option for those of us who use our bikes to do some shopping.

The last type of bike trailer is the pet bike trailer. These trailers are similar to children's bike trailers, but they are optimized to carry pets instead of children. If you would like to go biking but also take your pet out at the same time, you will find few better options than pet bike trailers.


You should always consider the size of your bike trailer before you end up making your purchase since so many other aspects are depending on the size of it. For example, a larger bike trailer will have more carrying capacity than a small one, but there are related features that are affected which are less evident.

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For example, if your trailer is larger, it will very likely be heavier than a small bike trailer, so this will negatively impact the handling of your bike trailer. Keep in mind that a bike trailer will make your biking more sluggish as it will increase the total weight that you will have to overcome to get moving.

A larger trailer will also be more complicated and contain more components, which will make it more expensive than a smaller trailer model. If you are looking to save money on your bike trailer, the first area of compromise will often have to be the size, so don't get a larger trailer unless you know that you will need it.

When it comes to the size of a bike trailer that is made to carry your pets, you will have to account for the size and weight of your furry friend as well as its age. If you have a young pet that is a breed that tends to grow larger, you should invest in a bike trailer that they will not grow out of.

About The Product


  • Features a frame which is made out of powder coated steel
  • Features an enclosure which is made out of waterproof 600d polyester
  • Features an anti-slip floorboard which will keep your pet secure in wet weather
  • Can be converted from a bike trailer into a pet jogger
  • Features a folding design which allows for easy storage
  • Features a safety leash on the interior of the enclosure
  • Features a max weight capacity of 90 pounds

If you want a pet bike trailer for larger animals, there are few better options than this model which is manufactured by Veelar. This is one of our favorite pet trailers which is optimized for use with larger dogs. 


Many features make this pet trailer superior to some of the other options that you will come across. One of our favorite inclusions was the folding frame which drastically cuts down on the amount of space that you will need when you are putting away or transporting this trailer.

Dog Riding In Veelar Doggyhut Large Pet Bike Trailer

The maximum weight capacity is one of the main attractions of this product, as it is made to transport bigger animals than most pet trailers you will come across. The waterproof enclosure combined with the no-slip floorboard ensures that you will be able to use this trailer in any weather.

As with every other modern pet trailer, there is a leash on the inside to ensure that your pet remains secure while in transit. The ability to convert this from a bike trailer to a jogger also makes this model more versatile than the competition, as you can always use it in your preferred configuration.

What Others Say

Other customers were also rather impressed with this pet trailer, stating that it is one of the better models you will come across regarding build quality. Many customers reported that their pet trailer was working after a few years of use.

Some customers had issues with the maneuverability of this product, but a bit of sluggishness is to be expected from such a large trailer.

Buying Advice

This is one of the more affordable large pet trailers on the market, but the price can still be considered substantial when compared to other cycling products. It can be found for about 150 dollars, which is not as bad as you would expect by looking at the size.

Veelar Doggyhut Large Pet Bike Trailer



If you are trying to find the largest pet trailer around that does not sacrifice build quality, this is one of the best options you have. We hope that this review has proved both helpful and informative for you.

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